How do you get fluid out of your ear after an ear infection? I used a nasal spray but it isn't working. What else can I do?

Pateince. Patience.The fluid may take 6-8 weeks to naturally resolve.Short of surgery, there is no other way or proven therapy, other than antibiotics to treat infection.
It takes time. It can take time for all the fluid to drain out of the middle ear. You may try to gently pop your ears a few times a day to see if it will equalize the pressure.

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2 months after my ear infection my hearing is blocked, I have tinnitus and nasal spray didn't work. What should I do?

Ear exam. you may be having blocked external ears or Eustachian tubes, or infection hasn't resolved yet, nasal spray alone might not be the right treatment, so better get an ear exam, good luck. Read more...