How much calorie should they have per day:40 year old women height 162cm weight 55kg. Man age47 wight79kg height172cm?

Depends on… Whether u want to maintain same weight, gain or lose weight & how active u are. See for calorie calculations: http://www.Freedieting.Com/tools/calorie_calculator.Htm female's bmi is 21 (normal range); male's is 26.7 (overweight). Female should use maintenance results (1442 cal, more if active); male should use weight loss results (unless he is very muscular). Discuss results with doc.
Many Wrong Variables. A calorie is a unit of heat, a food calorie is a kcal, 1, 000 of the small calories. Calories are measured in a calorimeter, a sealed insulated container in which the food is burned to water, co2 & ash. What does this have to do with eating the food? Not a great deal. Calories are different. The bigger issue is how we respond to the food, how this alters our body & body function. See: nusi.Org.