What is the harm in pumping my milk at night to feed my 6 w old and breast feed him all day? He can't sleep at night well and I am tired to breast feed

Bresat pump. There is no problem pumping breast milk when you need. Women who work they pump breast milk during working hours and breast feed during the time they are at home.

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My 6 w old baby recently had good rest only when fed with my pumped milk in bottle but when breast feed it takes hours and hours. Why? Is it problem?

Baby satisfied. Sounds like maybe the baby has latch issues on the breast and may not be getting as much to eat on the breast as when you gave the bottle. Baby may have some weak suck muscles that make breast feeding harder. Is there a lactation consultant in your area>? That would help so much! you may also benefit form an oral motor evaluation. Good question. Read more...