Vitamin d deficiency: why one large dose per week instead of easier to remember smaller doses every day?

No Reason. In vitamin d deficiency many physicians prefer a daily dose of 5, 000 iu of vitamin d3 rather than 50, 000 iu once weekly due to poor absorption of a single dose of 50, 000 iu. Once 25 hydroxy vitamin d levels reach 60 - 80, the daily dose is usually cut in half and the patient followed to ensure the new dose is able to maintain therapeutic vitamin d levels.
Vitamin D. You can take vitamin d 1000 units daily which is the recommended normal dose. If your vitamin d lievel is low despite taking that dose, you may double or triple it and have your level checked back in 3-6 months to make sure that there is no overdosage.

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Blood test showed vitamin d deficiency. Why'd dr prescribe 1 pill (50, 000 iu) per week? A smaller dose 7 days a week would be much easier to remember!

That is an option. Vitamin d deficiency has become increasingly common. Taking 10, 000 units of vitamin d every day is a very reasonable approach as well. It is best to take vit d3 rather than vit d2. A cause of low vit d3 is stress induced activation of free intracellular cadmium which breaks down vit d. Doing other things to lower stress and inflammation will improve health as well. Read more...