Will it hurt my baby if I got pregnant while on mirena (levonorgestrel)?

No. Typically no. There is an increased risk in the first trimester of miscarriage if it stays in so it is generally recommended to remove an IUD if pregnancy occurs. If the strings are not visible then the IUD must stay in. Other than the increased risk of miscarriage, it will not harm the baby.
No. If you got pregnant, had the Mirena (levonorgestrel) removed, and all seems to be going well including your sonograms, everything should be ok. But if the Mirena (levonorgestrel) was not removed, a dangerous situation exists and you should see your provider right away.
Yes. The recommendation is to remove the Mirena (levonorgestrel) if easily visualized should pregnancy occur. Even though occasionally pregnancy can be uneventful with the IUD still present, very often presence of an IUD results in pregnancy loss which may be further complicated by infection.

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If I get pregnant on the mirena (levonorgestrel) will it hurt the baby?

Probably not. It is best, however, in that infrequent situation to have the device removed, if that canbe done easily--primarily to reduce the risk of miscarriage. Read more...
Probably not. If you get pregnant with an iud, it is best to remove it asap. Bare in mind the attempt at removal could in itself cause a miscarriage, but it is best to try to remove it if the strings are visible. Read more...

Pregnant with mirena (levonorgestrel) and I get it removed will it hurt the baby?

Depends. If you get pregnant and their is an iud in place, if the iud strings can be seen, then the current recommendation is that it be removed. It is associated with a small increased risk of miscarriage, but this is not as risky as leaving it in place. Read more...