Can provigil be prescribed for add?

Depends. There are numerous studies showing some benefit from Provigil for treatment of adhd, but the fda raised concerns over possible side effects at doses necessary for adhd effectiveness, which is higher than for excessive sleepiness. However, a number of psychiatrists have used it off-label in that way.
Yes. Although not FDA approved for the treatment of ADHD, it can be a very effective treatment when prescribed "off label". I have prescribed it for many years and am impressed with its benefit and lack of side effects. It is also a once daily medication with duration of action much longer than usual stimulants.
Yes. Dr. Steven stahl has it as a first line drug in adults, but it is off label. It did not get an indication secondary to a severe rash in one of the children in the study. It was presumed to be a steven johnson syndrome rash. It can help attention but individual results mat vary. I've had some who like it better than adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine). Though classified a stimulant it is more a nootropic, fatigue blocke.
Yes . The use of Provigil for adhd is not fda approved, but it has been tried. Most patients respond marginally. If they do respond, they need three doses daily to get through their day. It's a fourth tier drug for adhd. Not too good in my experience.