Just got diagnosed with mild fatty liver disease, what can I do to reverse it?

Vitamin E. 800 iu of vitamin E per day has been shown to promote the removal of fat from the liver. The standard treatment in my practice would be weight loss through diet, exercise, and vitamin e.
Lose weight, see Dr. A person with mild fatty liver likely has gotten extra fat in most other places in the body, and probably is eating more sugar and plain carbs than he should be. To start, exercise, weight loss, and a low sugar and low carbs diet will help. He should work with his primary care doctor to see if he needs medication or further testing, as there can be other problems, such as high cholesterol.
Several other things. I would also recommend that if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, make sure it is optimally controlled. Healthy diet, exercise, control of above medical problems are the cornerstone of treatments of fatty liver disease.
What to do. Obesity, diabetes, alcohol abuse, are some of causes of fatty liver. Diet and exercise, controlling diabetes and decreasing alcohol consumption may help, if all fail, the medication ursidiol is used sometimes for fatty liver.

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I'm diagnose with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, any tips on reversing this matter?

Fatty liver. I presume the diagnosis was made by your doctor. If he/she has not fully explained this to you it would be wise to make another visit so you have a better understanding. If you have not seen a liver specialist (gastroenterologist) about this you must have your doctor refer you. Read more...

Both my n my boyfriends liver enzymes are elevated. I have barretts disease and fatty liver disease is it just coincidental both of ours are elevated or is something else going on with us?

Have . Have you both been tested for hepatitis? If not do so immediately. Also mononucleosis can cause elevated liver function tests (enzymes). Otherwise it could be coincidental, especially if you both have high triglycerides or fatty livers. It is difficult to say. Take care. Read more...