How many grams of carbs per day for a type! 2! diabetic on insulin?

Less. You will find the fewer carbs a day, the less Insulin you require. What matters more is that you are using enough Insulin to maintain very good control of sugars. You should also be consistent with carbs. Be realistic, dont eat nothing and be miserable, but it is also dangerous to eat too much then too little carbs which causes high highs and low lows. Try to eat consistent amount.
As little as possibl. As little as possible. Begin weight training 1-2 times per week: this will increase your Insulin sensitivity. Lifting heavy weights will unload the glycogen stored in your muscles. Your cells will upregulate Insulin receptors to replenish glycogen theerby increasing insulins sensitivity. You will need less and less Insulin and possibly eliminate it all together as your body recovers form diabetes.