I have a doctors appointment in 5 days for a UTI (painful urination, frqnt peeing, vaginal odor)but now theres blood in my urine, should I go sooner?

Definitely yes. You need to have a urinalysis & urine culture now and then start on an antibiotic, which needs to be prescribed by your dr. Covering dr. Or er dr, asap. You should not wait. Dr's scheduling receptionist could not have understood your need for an urgent appointment. Good luck.

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Had unprotected sex, now painful urination, vaginal odor, frequent urination and blood in urine?

Go to see your MD. You need to see your doctor. You likely have a urinary tract infection and you will need to be evaluated and treated. In addition, you are also at risk to have a sexually transmitted disease and again this as importantly if not more has to be carefully examined and treated to prevent you from further sequele/complication down the road that may affect your fertility etc. No more unprotected sex !. Read more...

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Getting a CT scan... ... of abdomen/pelvis would be essential despite being young so to at least rule out kidney stone passing through ureter into bladder, beside UTI. How to put all the related matters for good care together correctly? Follow instructions in articles listed in http://www.formefirst.com/onDealSickness.html. Thereby you gain insight on how to work closer & better with the doctors for right care. Best.. Read more...