How long after a c-section do I have to wait before going swimming?

4 to 6 weeks. Many ob-gyn doctors recommend waiting 4-6 weeks to allow proper healing of a c-section incision before going swimming. If a woman "must" go swimming sooner, she should realize that at 2-3 weeks, her wound may look healed but may not be able to withstand repeated stretching or being scraped up along a pool's edge.
4-6 Weeks. The general recommendation is to avoid strenuous exercise for 6 weeks after a c-section. However, all swimming isn't considered particularly strenuous and can be a helpful recovery and rehab stimulator. So, if the incision has fully healed, stitches/staples have been removed and lochia has stopped a woman can potentially resume light, non-strenuous swimming around 4 weeks postpartum.