I have sharp pain on the top of my shoulder in the socket that hasn't healed. Any suggestions?

Yes. First, realize that pain is often 'referred', i.e. Problem may not be where feel pain. In ur description, sounds like shoulder is the problem, like bursitis, and pain may travel to same side neck, down upper arm or into ant/posterior shoulder areas. Try ice applic 20 min/day and a pain med u know u tolerate (ibuprofen, alleve, tylenol). Remember: pain there can also come from heart. See 'gp' 1st.
Shoulder pain. Hasn't healed from what? Shoulder surgery? Injury? Dislocation? There could be several reasons for such pain, please see an orthopedic surgeon or post another question with some more specifics such as the ones i asked, what causes this pain and what relieves it, which movements are affected? Any othe medical condition?