Working the night shift and lack of sleep?

Keep a daily routine. A person who works the night shift can try to re-train his circadian (24-hour) rhythm, to adapt to the new work hours. Have a darkened, quiet bedroom just for sleeping. Aim for 7-8 hours of real sleep, after winding down when off work. Avoid letting activities creep into the sleep time. Lack of sleep is dangerous, causing mistakes in judgement, more errors at work, and car accidents in commuting.
Pattern. Quiet bedroom-turn off tv, radio & phone; consider ear plugs; keep temperature cool but comfortable, exercise regularly (not for 3 hours prior to bed). Keep dark! Avoid alcohol, caffeine, large meals or excess fluids before bed. Wear dark sunglasses if driving home in the am and avoid light prior to bed. Melatonin 3 mg prior to bed may help sleep. If not effective see your doctor for sleep aid.