I have severe hip osteoarthritis want to play basketball am I crazy to wait for stem cells or drugs?

Consider Regenexx. You might want to see the doctors in your area that perform the regenexx stem cell therapies (the original docs are in colorado). They have the most research about their treatment algorithm and often will do a phone consult with you if you live far to determine how you might fair.
May help now. Use of adult mesenchymal stem-stromal cells (mscs) are currently in use in oa in joints. Trend is toward use of fat derived mscs, havested by liposuction, isolated and concentrated in tissue culture. Early reports suggest significant improvement inoa neurological, autoimmune and organ functions. Adding platelet concentrates to fat tissue with placement in hip area very helpful and safe.
Yes. While i would never want to call you crazy, the chance that stem cell technology or medications will allow someone to play basketball any time in the next few decades is extremely low.
Bad hip. If you dont have an MRI yet , get one. Call my office at 509-735-2039, and then fax the results to me and i can give you an answer.