Have had lupus for 23 year's, med's used for lupus has failed with me, IV steriod's 7 day's part, ?

Other options. Most sle (lupus) can be controlled with the newer agents. So do consult a rheumatologist to go over these new options. Since uncontrolled sle can affect multiple organs , get a 2nd opinion from another rheumatologist if needed. Consider looking into the rheumatology department at a medical school closest to your home.
Lupus can't be cured. There is no cure for lupus. You can only minimize or control the symptoms. I find that most lupus patients do very well if you concentrate on a "toxin free" lifestyle (avoid sodas, sugar, alcohol, coffee; filter all water; wash all food carefully to remove pesticides et al. Increase water to 8 glasses per day; rebounding; supplementation with organic supplement. Check my website www.Medac4u.Com.