I have a hard kind of pimple on the bottom of my pinky toe. It is skin color and yellowish. It hurts?

Go to md. Sounds like a callus but hard to tell without an exam. If its at all questionable I would biopsy it. Try not to worry though, skin cancer is generally nonpainful.
Corn? Wart? Other? Calluses and corns form naturally to protect areas of skin where there is repeated pressure or frequent friction. Corns and calluses are thickened dead skin material. Corns hurt when they grow bigger and start pressing into the deeper parts of the foot (especially if the corn is on the bottom of the foot). A doctor should examine the bump and see if it could be a wart, which is due to a virus.

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I have a hard kind of pimple on the bottom of my pinky toe it is skin. ..?

Several options. Depending on what the pimple or bump looks like, you could have an insect bite of some sort, a cyst, stepped on something. There are a variety of things it could be. If it is painful or creating problems get checked out by a podiatrist. If it is getting bigger or changing colors definitly get checked out.
Hard to say for sure. This description is very non-specific. Could be anything from a bug bite, wart, skin tag etc. See a podiatrist.