What causes night neck sweats?

Time to see your doc. Most of the time, nights sweats can come and go and aren't a sign of serious health problems. However, if you recurrently experience night sweats, you should contact your doctor for a full history, exam and possible tests.
A common site. Night sweats: there are many potential causes to sweating at night. The term night sweats generally refers to excessive sweating at night related to a hormone imbalance. There is no one answer to explain the origin of sweating at night. Some common causes are: infection, some cancers, several medications, low blood sugars and a host of other less common reasons. Were going to focus in on the hormone imbalance commonly seen in menopause, although by no means limited to menopause. We have seen a common night sweats picture in the men with prostate cancer with elevated estrogen levels. Swelling often starts around your neck We generally start with saliva testing which allows us to identify what the hormone imbalance actually is and treat accordingly. When we don't start with saliva testing we very often get very good success with progesterone cream in the form of wild yam cream. There are many different preparations of wild yam cream on the market and often the preparation does not have enough progesterone cream to be effective. The above is the simple answer the better answer is to work with a healthcare professional who has experiencing natural hormone therapy. Will be happy to further discuss your issues with you in the concierge service. Go to: https://www.healthtap.com/dr-stevenfergusonmd .