What are the risks of mixing ibuprofen with alcohol?

Yes. Ibuprofen is part of the anti-inflammatory drug family known as nsaids, which can cause tears in the stomach lining if taken on an empty tummy. Add alcohol to the mix, and the potential danger is heightened. If you take Ibuprofen when drinking more than the recommended amount for women (about two to three drinks), you increase your risk of stomach irritation and bleeding.
Stomach bleeding. Ibuprofen (motrin, advil) is an nsaid, a type of anti-inflammatory pain reliever that is strong on the stomach and can cause bleeding from the stomach lining. Alcohol is itself irritating to the stomach, so alcohol combined with Ibuprofen further increases the chances of a stomach ulcer or other bleeding site in the stomach. The results can be vomiting blood or having bloody diarrhea.