Can I get stem cells from my own fat?

Yes important source. Use of adult mesenchymal stem-stromal cells (mscs) are currently in clinical trial in us/internationally. Trend is toward use of fat derived mscs, havested by liposuction, isolated and concentrated in tissue culture. Early reports suggest significant improvement in neurological, autoimmune and organ functions. Many more mscs in fat than bone marrow making ad-msc the center of most research now.
Yes. Yes, your own adipose tissue is the most prolific source of mesenchymal stem cells! these are the types of stem cells that do the healing. There are many clinical trials currently underway using stem cells from adipose tissue. Results are extremely encouraging. Likewise, treatment of disease with stem cells is not yet approved by the fda. However, this is the future of medicine! stay tuned!
Yes, but.... But what you might do with them is unclear. No fda-approved therapies with fat cells derived from fat are currently available. Maybe in the future.
Doctor's input. Patients often feel they need to come to consultation with a plan. It is better to go looking for guidance at first. A good plastic surgeon should be able to review the pros and cons of your options for you so you can decide what to do.....That's informed consent.
Yes, but. It is unclear what might be done with them at this time. There is no fda-approved therapy using stem cells derived from fat.
Fat-derived ASC's. Absolutely. The easiest and probably most abundant area of the body. About 45% express classic cd 34 phenotype, with a mixture of other cd markers also specific to stem cells.