How do I pick a cleftt lip/palate or craniofacial team for my child?

Ask neonatal team. Many newborns with cleft lip or palate would be evaluated first by neonatologists if available. They or the nicu staff can not only give a referral to a surgical team but also provide valuable information on caring for the baby when it goes home. Also read dr. Marsh's answer.
Ask Pediatrician. 1st, ask your pediatrician for a referral. 2nd, consult the cleft palate foundation (). 3rd, visit a team meeting. A "healthy" team will have infants, children and even some adults as patients. The team should have sufficient patients to be competent: it should meet at least once a month or more often. 4th, ask for referrals to some families treated by that team.
Specialists. Some oral surgery groups specialize in cleft lip palate treatment. You need to find a good group. They would know how to assemble a team.