Am I going to get cataracts from diabetes?

Possibly. Diabetics can often develop a type of catatact known as a posterior subcapsular cataracts .
Even w/o diabetes. Everyone develops age related changes to the intraocular lens. This is called cataracts. You should have surgery only if your vision cannot be improved to your satisfaction with glasses. In addition, patients with diabetes tend to progress to age related changes faster than healthy adults, thus, worse cataracts sooner. Most people get surgery for cataracts in their 70's, diabetes patients, sooner.
Maybe! If you live long enough, everyone will develop cataracts. Having diabetes can bring cause cataracts to form earlier in some people compared to not having diabetes. Diabetes is a risk factor, but does not always cause cataracts sooner than someone without diabetes.
Possibly! Poorly controlled diabetes with fluctuations in the sugar level lead to premature cataract development. Many patients with well controlled diabetes, live many good years without any cataract.