My hand gets numb and between my thumb and index finger hurts a lot what causes the pain?

The area between. Your thumb and index is innervated by a sensory branch of the radial nerve, this nerve runs past the base of the thumb and comes from an area near the thumb side of your wrist under a muscle called the brachioradialis. Any irritation tho this nerve can result in altered snesation in this area, commonly an arthritic joint will hurt and the nerve may be irrupted from the joint or a splint.

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My bf has palm, thumb, & index finger pain. How can I help him?

Carpal Tunnel? Pain in the thumb, index finger and palm could be due to carpal tunnel. If there is any numbness or tingling or if symptoms are mostly at night, then carpal tunnel should be considered. Other possible causes include arthritis, trigger finger, or possibly a c-6 cervical disc pinched nerve. Read more...