What are the best laser treatments for wrinkles?

Erbium / IPL. Most physicians who perform fully ablative deep laser resurfacing these days agree that erbium lasers offer a big advantage over co2 with respect to safety & complications. That being said, it probably matters who is delivering the laser treatment, what the anatomy is, and the set expectations, more so that the actual laser type. I also like ipl lasers as a safe option for skin rejuvenation.
ActiveFX/DeepFX. Agree with dr. Lee. The most effective laser for wrinkle treatment is the ultrapulse fractional co2 laser. It offers versatility, and the ability to customize treatments according to each patients needs to yield predictable, significant improvements in wrinkles. Bonus- collagen stimulation and remodeling w/ deepfx for long term improvements. We are successfully combining botox/dysport before fx.
Lasers vary. There are many good lasers out there. Ipl (light tx) help with discoloration & fine lines. Fractionated lasers (erbium yag like pixel &co2) are much deeper, more expensive, more down time but are better for building collagen/elastin. Pixel can be used on all skin colors, less down time, less expensive & if combined w/other lasers is amazing. Co2 is great for light skin, wrinkles, & sagging.
Wrinkle treatment. Depending on the type of wrinkle, the muscle may need to be relaxed with botox, Dysport or xeomin (incobotulinumtoxin a). Lines at rest need to be resurfaced and/or filled wtih Restylane or juvederm or other fillers. Photorejuvenation can be done with fraxel clear and brilliant, fraxel restore, or fraxel repair lasers, or portrait plasma, or dermabrasion. Sunscreen and Retin-A rx if okd by your doctor.
CO2 then ActiveFX. For wrinkles, the effectiveness of lasers are as follows: co2 > activefx/deepfx (fractional co2 by lumenis) > re:pair (fractional co2 by solta) > erbium:yag > fraxel restore > fraxel refine > nlite or cooltouch or other nonablative lasers effectiveness corresponds to amount of injury to the skin: the greater amount of injury, the more effectively wrinkles are removed.
It's about your skin. So much can be gained with efficient laser treatment. Laser and light treatments penetrate the different layers of skin using safe thermal energy. Not only can devices like the Palomar 1540 such as used at http://dermdocs. Com/ reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles but it can also improve the skins tone and texture for total rejuvenation.
Varied. Varied. Depends on the skin type, wrinkle classification, and experience of doctor. Best advice: seek more than one opinion. From dermatologist and facial plastic surgeon.