Why should I see an MS specialist instead of a general neurologist or internist for my MS care?

Knowledge different. Ms specialist serve a very specific and special group of patients. Therapeutic interventions are rapidly changing and an expert needs to keep abreast of the latest research on benefit and risk of novel treatments. Complex care needs of MS benefit from a team approach. The recently diagnosed need the time for education and support not often available in typical office visits.
Complexity. Although most neurologists do a fairly good job diagnosing and treating MS, the field is rapidly becoming very complex, and those patients who are not taking the newer more potent medications are at distinct risk for progressive disability. Thus, if you are not doing well, an MS specialist would be ideal. If you are doing well, and have no new MRI lesions, no reason to leave current neurologist.
Best care. Neurologists cna certainly care for MS and frequently do. Most internists can assist in the diagnosis but would probably refer an MS case to a specialist. A neurologist who specializes in MS might have a bit of an edge in care, in access to newer medications, and availability of resources to assist those with ms.
Well a neurologist. Is fine but specialized ones in ms is better. Now i hate to sit on my high horse but also asking for followup on a 32 channel 3t MRI systems sees 40 percent to 100 percent more lesions. Make sure they also have a 32 channel head coil. I say that to get the best health care you have to know what to ask for. I hope you get it.