Treatment fo charchot foot?

Charcot. Treatment of Charcot depends on the clinical presentation. If acute treatment is immobilization nonweight bearing until the swelling subsides. Chronic Charcot requires appropriate shoes and inserts to prevent ulcerations.
Immobilization . Immobilization with a crow boot ( custom made total contact cast) & control of the diabetes. Once stabilized-then surgical treatment may be contemplated-if necessary.
Depends on stage. The early stages of charcot are usually treated with a cast or cast boot to protect the foot and ankle. Rest and stabilization of the area are a key. Later stages will need surgical intervention.
Depends. Depends if it is Charcot Marie Tooth Disease vs A Charcot Arthropathy which are two different conditions seen in the foot and ankle.
Rest . If the charcot foot is acute or just recently occurred , rest and immobilization is recommended for 3 months. If the charcot foot is chronic, the area should be accommodated with custom shoes and inserts to prevent breakdown. .