I had my bottom left wisdom tooth taken out yesterday morning. It's been 32 hours since the extraction and my bottom lip and chin are still numb. What should I do?

Call your surgeon. Your surgeon should be made aware of this situation immediately. Call to schedule an appointment for further guidance.
Seek follow-up. Your dentist will definitely want to know about this and monitor your recovery. Persistent numbness has been known to occur subsequent to lower wisdom tooth extractions. Most of the time, the numbness will subside over the course of several weeks or a few months. Again, your surgeon/dentist would work with you to assess and monitor the situation. Best of luck to you.
Follow up!!! The nerve that gives feeling to your lip and chin is very close to your lower wisdom teeth. When they are removed, the nerve can be agitated if it is exposed, touched or damaged resulting in prolonged numbness. Good news is that as long as the nerve is not completely cut the feeling should come back, but it may take weeks or even months. See your dentist or oral surgeon to follow up.
Contact Surgeon ASA. Please call your surgeon asap. There is protocol for treating this complication after surgery. Your surgeon will know what is the best treatment for your particular situation. Your options are best if treated early, take care.....