Missed a large step and sprained my ankle its swollen but not severe. Its also bruising and a lot of pai. The pains going up the side of my leg help?

Read below. Make sure to ice, elevate ad compress this with an ace bandage for the first 48 hours. Stay off of this as much as possible. If this is still painful or the swelling increases, make sure to see your podiatrist or orthopedist. Good luck.
Ankle sprain. Get off of it and use crutches, ice, elevation and ibuprofen. You may want to get a x-ray to make sure it's not fractured.
Sprain vs fracture. So usually when you roll your ankle you can either fracture the ankle bone (usually fibula) or sprain the ligaments. If your pain is on the outside of the ankle and you can't put weight on it, you need to have it xrayed. Normally, if you can walk on it, it isn't a fracture (but that isn't always the case). Soft tissue pain is usually a sprain and should resolve but regardless you would need pt.

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I sprained my ankle a week tomorrow ankle still swollen but now I have bruises on the back of leg?

Bruised ankle. sounds like a significant injury. If you continue to have pain with swelling and difficulty bearing weight bearing, please see foot specialist for evaluation and xrays and proper treatment. for now at least elevate your foot and ice the area to reduce swelling and discomfort. Read more...