Aren't antibiotics used for sinus infections or congestion? Why does the doctor not want to prescrib

Usually doesn't help. In fact, the vast majority of adult cases of sinusitis, pharyngitis, upper respiratory congestion, % ear infections do not require antibiotics. They are viral & some are allergic. Certain criteria suggest bacterial infections; e.g. Time course, specific signs, & no response to over-the-counter treatment. Also, flu % colds are caused by viruses only so bacterial antibiotics will not work at all.
Nfections only. Antibiotics are used strictly for the infectious aspect of sinusitis. Though the eradication of infectious agents can reduce some nasal congestion, it will not relieve those who have nasal congestion due to environmental allergens.

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Had a nasty cold for ~ a week. Congestion worked itself to 1 ear. Lots of pressure and muffled hearing. Prone to sinus infections. Ear infection? Doc?

Perhaps. Would need an examination to know the extent of involvement, but ear infections and sinus infections can both be initiated by congestion occluding the sites from which drainage of these anatomic structures occurs. Fluid in a cavity from which drainage cannot occur creates a prime mechanism for infection.
Ear infection. Hello. It is common to see an ear infection associated with a rhinitis and sinusitis. Since your symptoms are changing or possibly even worsening, I would recommend seeing your family physician.
Surgery may not help. I am a doctor who suffered for years with sinus infections. Do the following: 1.Avoid anything cold. soda. 3.I use Sovereign Silver spray when I feel like I am getting another attack. Its safe and natural. U won't get it in Mexico : (4.I use VICKS topically as much as I can. 5.I use a humidifier at night 6.I drink lots of water. Good L.