Can tumor cells that have metastasized to the kidney bones form the prostate increase psa levels?

See answer. Prostate cancer is typically associated with elevated psa levels, especially if the cancer has spread elsewhere. The question is a bit unclear, but prostate cancer cells whether they are in bone, lung or lymph nodes, will usually produce a detectable psa. Kidney per se is an unusual site of spread, but perhaps you meant the spine or ribs near the kidneys when you wrote "kidney bones".
Tumor cells. It can be . Don't ignore this . See you urologist.

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What are psa and tumor markers for prostate bone metastasis?

PSA means. Prostate specific antigen. Men all have a level of psa if they have a prostate. Arbitrary normal levels are age & race dependent. If you have prostate cancer, and bones are involved, your psa will likely be greater than 10 ng/ml. Psa levels that double in short intervals are more likely to do this. However, very undifferentiated prostate cancers may not generate psa, and one can have bony mets. Read more...