I am afraid whether I should go for lasik surgery or not. Please help. I have -1.5 & -1.25 power in my eyes.?

It's Up to You! At your age, i would personally go for lasik, but everyone is different. At age 47, i would very much discourage you unless there was serious compelling reason. Intralase lasik eye surgery is safe with excellent results. Search for a reputable doctor that use the intralase and a wavefront guided lasik treatment. Good luck.
Lasik surgery. Lasik surgery for this level of myopia is very safe and effective as long as you are a good candidate otherwise. See a lasik surgeon for further evaluation.
It depends. Please make sure that your eye correction has been stable for more than 2 years without progression. If you are a good candidate and your vision has been stable then with your correction it is fine to have lasik. Please consult a lasik surgeon.