I have acne, what should I wash with?

Salicylic acid. Start with salicyclic acid wash (typically around 2%) twice daily. If your skin can tolerate the dryness, you can add a benzoyl peroxide (bpo) wash in your routine. Use less than 3% bpo on face, and up to 10% bpo on chest and back. If you are on prescription drying creams, these may be too strong. In which case, use cetaphil wash to counteract the dryness.
Acne. Don't wash your face with body soap. Also don't use alcohol or comedogenic products on your face. Try to find an acne wash system like neutrogena or something with benzoyl peroxide. Following low sodium diet might help too, since acne-causing bacteria like salt. You can try to prevent spreading bacteria onto your face by not touching your face, washing your phone, etc.