Can women get a hernia in their groin. I've a sore lump where my thigh meets my pelvic near my vaginal area that very tender and swollen_?

Yes. Women can get hernias in the groin. What your describing could also be abscess. See a doctor.
Probably infection. Are you sure it's not a sebaceous cyst or infected hair follicle. There are hernias that can arise in women but are rare and are in the vulva. It mat also be a swollen lymph node from shaving. In any event, i would get it checked out but can't imagine a hernia.

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I had hernia (groin) surgery 8 weeks ago and now in my left inner thigh where it meets my pelvis its really sore an somewhat painful. Is this normal?

Not normal. The unfortunate reality with groin hernia operations is that there are many postoperative pain syndromes that can occur for a variety of reasons, including nerve injury or entrapment. The area you are describing is usually an issue with the ilioinguinal nerve. I would consult with your surgeon to discuss therapeutic options. Read more...