Why won't you call in an antibiotic?

Not a good practice. A lot of people think that when their child has a fever, he needs an antibiotic to "cure it". The fact is fever is most commonly caused by viruses, and the condition usually goes away in a few days. Antibiotics only treat bacterial infections, and your pediatrician needs to see your child to determine what kind of infection he might have first.
Less is more. Not every fever is a bacterial infection, which is what antibiotics are used to treat. If i feel that a child has a bacterial infection that would benefit from antibiotics i will use them, but antibiotics should not be used to simply treat fever.
Less is more. First, i'm a fan of "less medicine is better medicine." second, calling in an antibiotic is like shooting a shotgun out your back door at night because you heard a noise: you might hit a prowler, but you also might hit your neighbor's child. Antibiotics aren't harmless & can actually cause more trouble if not given just right. I want to know what i'm treating before i'll prescribe anything.