How is water lipo different than regular lipo? Isn’t it sucking out the fat that makes it dangerous?

Lipo is usually safe. Regardless of the technique, liposuction is surgery and it is safe when done under the right circumstances by a qualified surgeon. Most of the risks are associated with doing too much, which is one of the reasons why it is body shaping not a weight loss procedure. Water jet lipo uses a continuous spray into the fat to dislodge the fat cells while they are being suctioned out.
No. Water lipo uses water to separate fat lobules and make them easier to remove. It is not taking the fat out that is dangerous. It's who is doing it? How much is taken out in one setting? Where is it being done? And how healthy you are. Choose a board certified plastic surgeon, who'll do it in an accredited facility.
Safer, Less Invasive. Water lipo uses a jet of water-like fluid to loosen fat cells from surrounding connective tissue, while gently aspirating out the fat cells. It’s not sucking out the fat that makes lipo risky. It’s general anesthesia, IV sedation, and the use of large cannulas and aggressive aspirating that can increase the risks. Water lipo does not require any of these, uses local anesthesia, and is much safer.