When can I enroll my baby in swimming lessons?

See AAP statement. ? american academy of pediatrics: swimming lessons for infants and toddlers do not protect children from drowning. Children are not ready for formal swimming lessons until after their fourth birthday because they cannot voluntarily hold their breath for significant amounts of time until that age. Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional injury and death among children.
Depends on goals. To begin with, no one at any age can be drown proofed. Learning to swim well is often something kids> 4 yr can retain & enjoy. Under that age they have difficulty comprehending water danger & may venture off & swim unsupervised, leading to tragedy.Over 4 your warnings can be effective. Babies can be introduced to the water & helped to enjoy it, but i frown on any baby swim classes.
Any years. Anytime you want to have your baby in swim lessons enroll them as long as the program is age appropriate. Some families have their kids in the water as early as 6 months! there are concerns about chemical expose (chlorine) and links to health issues like asthma. Do your research and make a decision.