I'm 28 and have a burning sensation in the front of my ankles whenever I play sports for a long period of time, is this arthritis?

Probably not. The more likely diagnosis in your age group is extensor tendinitis. This is often caused by a tight heal cord, and usually responds to achilles stretching exercises. These exercises should be done on both sides even if you just have symptoms on one side. Worsening symptoms or resting pain should prompt a visit to your doctor.
Could be . Nerve compression caused by either the particular sneakers you wear to play, the fact your feet may swells lightly while playing and putting pressure on the nerve.
Maybe,maybe not. The ankle is a very complex structure since so many ligaments, tendons, and nerve attach or pass around it. You will certainly need to have your foot examined to determine the exact anatomic location of your pain. An x-ray or ultrasound exam may be needed. The bilaterality increases the likelihood of arthritis, but the most likely DX is ligament sprain.

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Whenever I stand or play sports for a long time my ankles have a burning sensation in the front, what's going on?

1. There are many issues to work through, including shoewear, foot position, relevant anatomy, and type and duration of exercise. If both feet are affected, then your shoes may be too tight or laced in the wrong area, or their could be an anatomical variant contributing to symptoms. A period of rest may help. Otherwise, it would be best to be evaluated for an exam. Read more...