I believe I had a brain aneurysm pop in the back of my head 2 yrs ago as I had the worst headache ever. I took 3 Advil (ibuprofen) and it stopped. Am I ok now?

Unclear if. You really had an aneurysm period, as a subarachnoid hemorrhage due to aneurysm rupture is a serious event, not responding to advil (ibuprofen). However, if you remain concerned, you could have your doctor order an mra of the circle of willis to visualize potential issues. You likely are going to be fine.
Rupture -- death. Aneurysm rupture can be heralded by "worst headache ever", but they don't resolve with advil (ibuprofen) - they usually progress rapidly to neurologic compromise and death. Since you've been fine for two years, i wouldn't worry about it.
Uh - no. If you ruptured an aneurysm and it was treated with advil (ibuprofen) alone, i would be very worried. While you probably did not rupture an aneurysm, you should definitely see your doctor if you even remotely think it possible.