I had a wrist arthroscopy 6 mos ago but still can't do anything active with my rest, how long will it take?

Depends on problem. Wrist arthroscopy does not guarantee a cure from wrist pain. Sometimes the condition needs further treatments.
See your doctor. Unless you had a very bad problem, you should be recovering well by this time in most cases. If you are having a lot of trouble at 6 months after wrist arthroscopy, there may be a problem. See your doctor. If he/she isn't at all concerned, get a second opinion from a board certified hand specialist.
Wrist arthroscopy. Is used to treat a variety of conditons in the wrist, from cartilage tears, to fractures to ligament injruy. If pain oersists after surgery the first person to speak with is the treating surgeon. One needs to fnd out what the expectations are for that specific problem.