Broke 5th metatarsal, if it's a displaced broken bone will it be a lot harder to heal?

Depends. Typically, if the break is displaced, you would benefit from surgery. Many of the fractures are amenable to minimally invasive means, so id get it evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon.
Yes. If displacement is significant, then surgical repair may be needed. Normally he better the alignment, the better the healing and the better the results. Good luck! dr l.
5th MT fracture. In general, displacement of a bone causes the bone to take longer to "bridge the gap". However, more importantly, you need to know which zone of the 5th metatarsal is broken. Zone 2 breaks/jones fractures have about a 20% rate of not healing.
Yes. In general displaced fractures do not heal as well or in as good position as nondispkaced fractures. This may or may not affect the outcome. In 5th metatarsal fractures healing depends more on the location of the fracture.