How can I manage back pain in pregnancy?

Stay active. Keep your weight gain to a reasonable amount. Stay active. Do pregnancy yoga or pregnancy pilates. Swimming is also excellent. Lie down on a flat surface, such as the floor in front of your sofa. Prop your legs on the seat of the sofa. This allows your lower back to straighten and decompress.
Conservatively! Check with your obstetrician about what exercises are safe for you. If there are no problems with the pregnancy, then yoga classes can be great as long as they are designed for pregnant moms. Gentle stretching can help a lot; so can heat and massage. If you can watch your weight gain, that may help too. For severe pain or numbness in your legs, you may need to see a pain specialist.
Not pills. Massage and chiropractic care may help. Accupuncture can induce labor. Non steroidals are not an option. Opioids can be used but withdrawal in the baby is likely.

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How do I manage back pain in my pregnancy if ptl?

Tylenol (acetaminophen) rest. Heat pack on back no heat on baby no hot tubs massage of back are classics and safe , acceptance tolerance late in pregnancy it will pass "in life there are tribulations but be of good cheer"matthew hope that helps. Read more...
Work with your ob. Your obstetrician knows the severity of the ptl and the specifics of your situation. You OB may let you use medication for pain. Probably heating pads or cooling pads will be okay. Exercise is great for back pain, but may not be good for your baby. Your OB may allow gentle physical therapy. Any treatment should be approved by your ob. Read more...