What are the optimal blood glucose levels for pregnant women with gestational diabetes?

Low! Less than 95 fasting, and less than 120 2 hours after meals. (some are a little more liberal with fastings, allowing less than 105). Gestational diabetic are less likely to have problems with fasting sugars as they are with postprandial (after meals) sugars.
See below. Fastings under 90, one hours under 140. (the lower the better. Shoot for 130).

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Irregular glucose levels on insulin with gestational diabetes do they induce you and why have I been told induced at 38 weeks then go to 40 weeks?

Varies. In the us, is is now common not to induce before 39 wks in normal pregnancies. In a pregnancy with gestational or regular diabetes, the infants may take longer to reach lung maturity. I have seen some with classical rds born at 40 wks. Your obgym team must try to balance the size issue with the other issue babies may have. Please discuss this with them as this or other considerations could be in play.
Gestational diabetes. Women with gestational diabetes are at higher risk to have a baby that would have troubles breathing due to immaturity of his lungs. It's recommended to wait until at least 39 weeks to assure maturity if the circumstances permit. That's probably why you were told to wait until 40 weeks.
Size of baby. A lot of women with gestational diabetes have babies who are lga - large for gestational age. This is the reason for induction of labor. Try to be consistent with your calorie intake while on the Insulin - smaller amounts of food more consistently. Of course, clear any diet adjustments with your physician.

What do you suggest if I have gestational diabetes. How to lower my fasting blood glucose level during pregnancy?

Lower Blood Sugar. I recommend consistent mild cardio exercise each day, eat low carb diet, but plenty of vegetables, including dark leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, colorful vegetables, healthy fats like avocadoes, eggs, olive oil, nuts, lean proteins.

What level of blood sugar during gestational diabetes causes you to have big babies?

Pattern not number. Baby begins to make their own Insulin during mid pregnancy & any moment that moms levels are high will push glucose across the placenta, forcing baby to store the excess as fat. Any maternal levels above normal can lead to enlarged organs, defects, large baby & the need for IV fluid treatment after birth. The better mom's control, the less problems for baby, the worse control, the bigger the pbs.

I have gestational diabetes and my blood sugar levels that I check 4 times a day are at lower edge (around 90), even if I eat many carbs. Wht it means?

Controlled Diabetes. It means that your gestational Diabetes is "under control".
90 is great! Normal glucose range for someone without diabetes is 60-100, so no dangers whatsoever from a sugar of 90. Target range for a young person with diabetes is 80-120, and a little lower, maybe 70-110, during pregnancy. Sounds like you're doing great!

Hello what are the blood suger levels supposed to be in between, that are healthy and safe for baby when I have gestational diabetes?

Ask your OB! You are smart to ask this question. I'm sure you have researched it and feel confused. Gestational diabetes is common, and the main complication is large baby size. You know what you need to avoid (sugar!). Excellent hydration will also help keep your blood sugar lower. Moderate exercise will help too. Eat healthy and don't obsess over this. Wising you a safe delivery of a healthy baby!