What do I need to know going into a relationship with someone who's bipolar?

Bipolar is a. difficult disorder 2 treat. It requires a lifelong commitment 2 medication and psychotherapy. Many people w' bipolar do not comply, discontinuing medication when they feel "better" or stopping bcause they don't like the way they feel on meds. Living w' someone w' bipolar is there4, not easy. If U R involved with someone w' bipolar, encourage them 2 stay in treatment. Family therapy can help 2.
Taking care. Bipolar illness is more commonly recognized and treated than in the past. Depression is the most common symptom in all forms of bipolar d/o. I have seen couples do well when patient stays in treatment and get abusive without treatment. Is that someone consistent in taking care of their illness?Are they making sure past problems don't recur? Are they serious about improving health and well-being?
Stay on meds. It is very tempting for bipolars to stop their medicines when they are between episodes and feeling good. Many bipolars do well as long as they stay on their medicines.
Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can be managed very well with medication, therapy as needed and especially with a good social support network. If you can go to some of their appointments with Psychiatry it would be ideal. Sometimes people really miss mania and will stop meds because it brings their mood back in the normal range. Read up on the disorder and establish open honest communications, healthy boundarie.