Recent labs showed high platelets (416), high iron (148), high tibc (475), but a low normal ferritin level (12). Is this iron deficiency?

Suspect so. If the serum iron is in micrograms/dl, then this is not high but within the normal range, as it can be in iron deficiency in which the patient has perhaps taken an iron tablet or eaten steak recently. If the units for TIBC are micrograms/dl, then TIBC is distinctly high and this speaks for iron deficiency in any case. Don't treat iron deficiency without seeking a cause.

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Recent labs showed high platelets high iron high tibc low normal ferritin level of 12 is this iron deficiency?

Likely. The best test for iron deficiency anemia (ida) is ferritin. Sometimes when there is inflammation (an possible associated anemia of chronic disease/inflammation, the ferritin may increase as an acute phase reactant). The "gold standard" for diagnosis is a bone marrow biopsy, but rarely needed. High platelets are also associated with ida. Treatment should improve platelets and ferritin. Read more...