My girlfriend and I broke up because she couldn't be there for a family tragedy of mine but now wants to get back together and I sorry, should I say yes?

Broke w girlfriend ? Friends should be there for each others for happy occasion and sad one. However, if some one had an emergency that prevented him or her from being there , she or he should apologies for not being there.. It is up to u to evaluate what was going on with u girlfriend that prevented her from attending.
Hear yourselfclearly. Most of u are having the answer in your own questions only asking the question is helping u reflect it therapist or psychiatrist are the mirrors where we go to correct our image mirrors don't speak they reflect so do we u have the answers u have to ask it to reflect it we have to witness it to validate it u have answered yourself ready do u need her now is your decision.
Yes if..... Yes if it is heartfelt and you know/feel it means she will be validating your time, pain etc no if you think it is just an excuse or that the family strategy was the straw that broke the camel back...