Are there any penis growing tablets that are successful?

No, none successful. Many penis enlargement pills, creams, and magic potions are advertised, but they do not work. Almost every penis that can get a firm erection is big enough for the job (one can see a urologist if one has a rare case of an abnormally tiny penis). Occasionally, one or both partners have too much body fat, making certain positions of sexual activity seem difficult (weight loss helps in those cases).
Penis. Pills or much of anything else to increase penis size are a scamBetween 5 and 6 inches is average, and what the media (yes, including porn) tries to sell you is the idea of having to be hung like a horse to satisfy a woman. Guess what? Some women find such massive equipment painful, which is NOT what sex is about. It's not the size of the waves, it the motion in the ocean that makes it satisfying.
No. There are no drugs that will increase penis size.