What is the definition or description of: ankle surgery?

Ankle Surgery. Treatment of pathology of the joint formed by the articulation of the tibia, talus and fibula by procedures by that involve incision into the same.
Ankle surgery. Any incision (whether open or arthroscopic) that addresses proplems of the "ankle" ankle being the area that connects the leg to the foot. It includes the bones(tibia/fibula/talus), ligaments that hold ankle together, tendons, nerves and the soft tissue surrounding it.
Surgery. The entering into an area of the body - in this case the ankle - via an incision with or without the removal of tissue , bone or cartilage.
See below. Any type of surgical procedure dealing with the ankle bones or tendons, muscle, ligaments crodding the ankle joint.
Ankle surgery. As the name implies, ankle surgery refers to surgical procedures that involve the ankle. Many conditions of the ankle require surgery to correct. Ankle fractures might require open reduction with internal fixation (orif). Ankle arthritis may require arthroscopy and simple debridement or possibly a joint fusion or implant. Infected ankles, or septic joints, require incision and drainage.

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What is the definition or description of: ankle ligament surgery?

Surgical repair of. Ankle ligaments can be a pretty involved procedure, using tendons to replace torn ligaments, looping them through bone, or it could just involve repairing the torn ligament(s), depending on the extent of the injury and the activity of the patient. Couch potatoes don't need the same level of reconstruction as athletes. Discuss options with your surgeon. Read more...
Repair stability. Ankle ligament surgery involves repairing your existing ligaments to strengthen and add stability to your ankle. There are many types of surgery involved with the ankle including arthroscopic which may be accomplished through very small incisions. Read more...
See below. It is the lengthening, shortening, retorting or stabilizing of any ligament that crosses the ankle joint. Read more...