What is the definition or description of: lumbar lordosis?

This is the curve. Of the spine seen. From the side in terms of the natural sway of the lower back as well as in the neck. It is in the opposite direction of the roundness or kyphosis of the chest region or thoracic spine with the head balanced over the hips with these curves compensating each other to allow this perfect balancing act.
Curvature. Lordosis is the normal anterior curvature of the spine at the level of the waist.
Normal curve. This is the normal, natural curve of the lower spine.

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How can I address lumbar lordosis?

Usually one doesn't. Lumbar lordosis is usually not an issue unless it is due to an increase in upper back forward bend or rounding known as kyphosis or due to an underlying spine issue like a spondylolisthesis or even related to a hip/pelvis problem. Read more...
Lordosis is normal. Some degree of lumbar lordosis is normal. Excessive lumbar lordosis can be the result of anterior pelvic tilt which can be due to tight hamstrings. "lordosing" sports such as line in football and gymnastics can be associated with spondylolysis and spondylilithesis. Read more...