I have chicken pox, but my boss says I need to come to work. Is there anything I can do to make it go away faster?

Yes & no. You can take antivirals that can reduce the intensity/severity of your infection but that will not change your contagious status. This lasts until all the spots are dried up or 7 days from the first spots. Make your boss aware of this fact & put the risk of secondary transmission at the workplace on him/her. If you are too sick to work, that is a different issue.
Yes. Chicken pox in an adult is serious. (presumably you don't have shingles, an adult form of the varicella zoster virus) adults can be very ill, and complications can include pneumonia, meningitis... See your doc, get a proper diagnosis, and follow treatment guidelines; if questions, see infectious disease expert. If boss insists u come to work, give him a big hug and a kiss upon arrival.
Yes. In addition to the previous answer, i would add that you could inform your boss that if anyone may be pregnant in the office, you may put their fetus in danger. Chickenpox can lead to fetal problems and miscarriage. That may be enough for him/her to let you stay home on sick leave until your lesions crust over.