I drink so many energy drinks. Is this safe?

Definitely Not. Energy drinks are "heart attack in a can" both cause increase adrenaline release and lead to adrenal exhaustion after a while. To have abundant non-hyper energy: take an organic vitamin/mineral supplement, drink 8 glasses of filtered water daily, rebounding, avoid acids in diet such as sodas. Consider acid free healthy coffees with ganoderma www. Medac4u.Com.
Potentially NO. Caffeine is a stimulant, and in low doses (2-3 cups of coffee, about 200 mg/day) does not do most people harm. The energy drinks have higher doses of caffeine, and this can raise blood pressure and pulse, cause anxiety and insomnia, and even cause tremor. When people try to cut down they get bad headaches. You may need to taper your use. Would not recommend more than one/day. A few deaths reported.

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Is a5hour energy drink safe?

Sugar ; Caffeine. I am not sure what you mean by 'safe'. But, these drinks have nothing special that in any way benefits health.

Is it safe to take modafinil if you have had an energy drink?

Not necessarily. Abnormal cardiac rhythms could occur with more frequency, in addition to other interactions. It could also cause anxiety problems to happen, or worsen if present.
Avoid energy drinks. With modafinil! Too many potential issues. In any case, energy drinks should be avoided!

Extra joss energy drink with aspartame, acesulfame k, sodium bicarbonate, royal jelly, citric acid, and some flavor safe as a staple preworkout?

Many meds. I don't think this is a good idea - too many meds! Please have your doctor refer you to a dietitian - he/she will help you optimize the many drinks, meds, etc. Please keep me informed.