What is the definition or description of: prostatectomy?

Prostate surgery. Prostatectomy generically refers to total or partial removal of the prostate gland by surgical or endoscopic means for benign or malignant conditions. More commonly it refers to radical prostatectomy, an operation to treat prostate cancer, though in the past, endoscopic prostatectomy (TURP) for enlarged prostate (BPH) was a more common operation than it is today.

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What is the definition or description of: radical prostatectomy?

Complete removal. Radical prostatectomy refers to complete removal of the prostate specifically for cancer. This also involves removal of the attached seminal vesicles and part of the vas deferens. It can be done with or without "nerve sparing" depending on anticipated severity of disease. Other forms of prostatectomy are typically subtotal (e.g., turp) intended for relief of symptoms of enlargement. Read more...