What is the definition or description of: creatine kinase?

Enzyme in muscle. Creatine kinase is an enzyme found in muscles throughout the body. There are different subtypes of the enzyme, called isoforms, which predominate in different organs. For instance, the isoform in skeletal muscles is different from that which is most heavily found in the heart muscle. A blood tests detects levels of this in the body, for example if one suspects muscle inflammation.
Muscle test. Clk is present in muscle including ur heart. Its main use now is 2 evaluate damage 2 heart muscle. If 1suspects a myocardial infarct, a ck is ordered as soon as possible 4 a baseline & repeated later & a spike ( higher level), it confirms cardiac muscle injury or death of myo muscle and is serious.

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Ck. By itself a lab test has little meaning. Tests are ordered and interpreted in the context of the individual patient extrapolating from study data obtained from similar patients. If no such data is available, interpreting the study value is speculative. Read more...